8. Integrations

8.1. Pho

Pho is a BDD test framework for PHP, inspired by Jasmine and RSpec.

The concise command-line runner supports running Pho tests without any modification of the specs themselfs: However, you must setup the correct test suite loader class in your phpunit.xml:


As far as I’m aware both of these need to be set and that can only be done through the XML configuration and not the CLI interface. Below it highlights some of the features that do not work for Pho through the XML configuration.

Running a single spec file:

vendor/bin/concise path/to/SomethingSpec.php

You may also load a whole directory of recursive specs:

vendor/bin/concise --test-suffix=Spec.php path/to/spec

Note: In this case of loading a folder you must specify the --test-suffix otherwise PHPUnit’s internal directory iterator will ignore any file that does not end with the default suffix Test.php.

One requirement of all PHPUnit test cases is that it knows how many total test cases exist before the test cases start running. Concise will work out how many test cases (designated by the it()) are in the file when it is loaded without having to execute the test suite.

Using other test result formats:

vendor/bin/concise --log-junit junit.xml --test-suffix=Spec.php path/to/spec

The entire Pho test suite is run under concise as part of the main build system.

8.1.1. What Doesn’t Work

Due to the way PHPUnit loads in test cases into a static context you cannot use the same Pho test loader with the phpunit command. Concise must override chunks of PHPUnit to allow the test cases to be loaded correctly.

The XML configuration file cannot be used to load the spec files and folders for the same reason. It would take a lot more code to allow this to work. However, it could be fixed in the future. You should specify the spec folder in the concise command line to trigger the correct loading of the test files.

Code coverage my not work as expected. I’m not sure why this is, please let me know if you get this working.

PHP 5.6 does work (it will report errors on failures) however the total test count is not applied correctly. See Pho on 5.6 not working.

8.2. PHPUnit

Concise is built on top of PHPUnit and all the features available in PHPUnit will work with concise.

Native features of PHPUnit (4.0 and above) that do not work as expected should be reported as a bug.

8.3. Other Frameworks

Concise can also be used by any other frameworks by simply instantiating and managing the Concise\Core\TestCase yourself:

use \Concise\Core\TestCase;

class MyTinyTestSuite
    protected $testCase;

    public function __construct()
        $this->testCase = new TestCase();

    public function checkSomething()
        $this->testCase->assert(3 + 5)->equals(8);

Since Concise implicitly expects setUp() and tearDown() methods to be called at appropriate times but does not enforce this behaviour - if you use it differently then it may do unexpected things.