4. Running Tests

4.1. The Concise CLI

Concise comes with a CLI that acts as a wrapper for the original phpunit command. You may use all the available options of phpunit, however the concise executable offers a few more and has a much nicer result printer.

Likewise you can still run pure concise tests through the phpunit runner. Which is handy for existing CI systems.

4.2. Continuous Integration (CI)

The default result printer will likely not work so well with your CI and other non-interactive systems. There are several solutions for this;

  1. You may continue to use the phpunit executable and printer which will work exactly like you expect it to.

  2. There is an option for concise to use an alternate printer used for CI: --ci. This will hide the progress bar and only update progress line no more than once each percentage.

    The advantage of this over the traiditional phpunit executable is you will be able to see failures as they happen, rather than waiting till the end of the run.