5.7. Properties

5.7.1. Setting a Single Property

You can set a properties when creating a mock using setProperty:

$mock = $this->niceMock('MyClass')
             ->setProperty('foo', 'bar')

$this->foo; // bar

5.7.2. Setting Multiple Properties

Setting multiple properties can be done with setProperties:

$mock = $this->niceMock('MyClass')
                 'foo' => 'bar',
                 'bar' => 'baz',

$this->bar; // baz

When using setProperties it will add on the provided properties, not replace any previously set ones.

5.7.3. Other Information

Note: The property or properties are set after all other aspects of the mock have been setup. This means properties that may be set as part of a partial mock will be overridden by the properties provided.

This feature was introduced in Multiverse (Release v1.7.0).